Breaking stereotypes

I am currently an English teacher and I am an improvisational comedian.I have done close to 80 shows all over the country.I have also written and conceptualized Bangalore’s first all female comedy show! My partner Sumukhi and I are considered as India’s top 4 comedians who have “attempted” in  engaging in this an art form.(Not like women are not funny,its all about choosing/or not choosing  to succumb, to this stereotype)

Honestly, For me there are two things that are burning an incessant need to push myself to the glorious heights of success!Who doesn’t like the taste of success!

One is my need to break the notion of “being comfortable/safe” and putting myself in spaces that challenge me.I constantly put myself in various platforms that are outside my comfortzone.it is only then, that numerous things dawn on me.I realise, what I should do and I am capable of doing.I enjoy the mystery and it makes me stronger.Try doing that with performing on stage.It could be anything. what a blessing it is to perform on stage!

Secondly, is my gender:Female

I see an accepted passivity and a victimization of my gender.I feel at times women do that to themselves .There have been so many instances where I have seen woman acting as agents of patriarchy. So ,lets deal with that before we get to our patriarchal “society”.I agree it’s easier said than done.The caste system and lack of economic platforms have tied our women down.But what do they do about such an imposition? I address this issue by talking about it in my everyday conversations and my comedy sketches,in the form of Satire.It could be as something as breaking the” silence”,we are believed to internalize as women.You don’t have to be harsh or rebel ,talk about it in your way!

This situation I encounter  everyday .It saddens me.Maybe it is this passivity that prompts me to keep working, pushing myself and dreaming of things maybe you and I were told was not possible.

My Journey has just begun and I am enjoying every bit of it!Make yours a memorable one too!

Richa K



Transformation for better

There was a time when I was the corner kid of my class. And I used to suffer from regular fits. Some glitch in the brain they said. The medicines made me exceptionally fat. I couldn’t believe myself in the mirror. They cured me.But they pretty much got me out of shape. 

I always had different ideas and weird ambition choices. There was a time when I wanted to be a wrestler. But then I realised that I should get my feet back on the ground. Science sparked my interest and I got inclined towards engineering. However, in class 10th, owing to some criteria issues I was refused to be admitted to the science stream. After much applications and debate, I was finally admitted to the class.

Having completed my schooling in Science, I didn’t score well as I was expected to. It was that moment when I realised that Science was not really my interest but an obsession. Today, I’m a proud BBA student at Surajmal, the best college in IP University. I’m happy and satisfied with what I’m doing.

In three months, I worked really hard in the gym. And today, I stand before the mirror a proud skinny guy. My family and friends can’t believe it, but to me I have found myself back again.

Truly, there is no age to realise your true passion. There is a very thin line between passion and obsession, passion does obsess you but in a good way, whereas obsession posseses you like a trap. I’m glad I made the distinction at the right time.

Shreshth Nanda



Future inventor

Ever since I understood what hardwork meant all I was ever asked to do was get into engineering and the only way was to be a scholar. Initially, it was because of pressure, but today that pressure has converted into passion. I want to be an inventor. Sounds vague right?Let’s settle with being a scientist. I don’t know how it’s possible but that’s my aim.

Talking of struggle, my identical twin always scores more than me, which does create alot of special pressure called competition. I admit, it has always been an internal thought. Nobody, be it my parents or friends or relatives ever said that to me outrightly, that’s just what I felt at times.  To make things worse, I started comparing myself with him on several ocassions. But that has worked for me positively in a way, I never let those thoughts become bitter. That’s just healthy competition.

My dream is to feature in some of the greatest books one day and deliver expert lectures. I don’t know the right path that’ll lead me there, all I know is that I want to create learned students and influence brilliant minds.

I will. Someday.

Vishesh Khanna



The warrior

I was diagnosed with Tuberculosis at the age of 4. Due of overdose of medicines, my liver also got affected. However, it doesn’t end here. I failed my class 11th with the science stream due to pancreatitis at the age of 17. Not only did pancreatitis made me flunk a year at school, it also crushed my dream of being a pilot one day as I’d never be able to clear the fitness exam. 

Today, being 20 years of age, I’m doing my first year in Journalism from ISOMES with several students younger to me. All of it was really hard to accept in the first place let alone live with it. However, I’m better off than those people who don’t even have the resources and such a supporting family. I’m fortunate enough to now pursue my second passion in life, i.e, becoming an actor. 

I feel lucky to have survived and now I’m able to pursue my other interests. I’ve no complains, I’m just as normal as any other person.

Amrit Dubey



A Comeback

Ever since I learned the meaning of the word “career”, I had always wanted to become an engineer. But somewhere down the lane, I don’t know how and why, I just didn’t want to pursue it. My new found love was Maths. Having completed my bachelors in Mathematics from Janki Devi Memorial College, Delhi University, I developed my interest in operational research, economics and masters in mathematics.

After working really hard for my entrance, because of some last minute changes in criteria I was not selected for Delhi School of Economics, which had by then become my dream. That came as a very hard blow to me. I almost went into depression. Consulting psychiatrists, going to temples and what not! I was a mess.

Had it not been for my family, I would have never found my strength again. I dropped a year and a job opportunity. Today, I’m proud to say that I’m re-preparing for these exams and feel much more confident that this time I’ll clear all of them. I want to be spoilt for choice now.

Truly, passion is something that doesn’t let you sleep. Hence my long nights with coffee and my books.

I’ll come back stronger and achieve what I dreamt of a few months back.

– Sampriti Pal



Big Bake

I had never been the very studious kind. My strong side had always been my creativity. It was a proud moment when I had baked my first cake. A plain vanilla cake, inspired by my friend. Following my passion for creativity, I found my love in baking and RJ-ing.

My parents were initially not very happy with my boards result. I was dejected, but like they say where there is a will, there is a way. Surprisingly enough I cleared the interview to my random application in News 24. 

My parents were not initially as supportive, but today I’m a proud student of ISOMES- International School of Media and Entertainment Studies. I study in studios, visit new sets, meet some inspiring people who I used to only watch on the television screen. But today, I see myself on the screen, however just as audience. There will come a day when the mike is in my hand. For me now, sky is the limit.

I have mastered red velvet and chocolate oreo cakes, owing to my friends demands :P. Having taken some orders also, I look forward to refining my skills further.

Life really is beautiful when you do what you love. 🙂

Yukti Patney



Fall and Rise

To a person who has always taken things light heartedly and casually, hard work doesn’t really come that easy. To a person who has been the laughter element for his peer group, so much seriousness in life is slightly hard to tackle. By the end of 12th, I had no aims. I didn’t know which road to take. Since everyone was doing CA, even I joined in, thinking that I’ll be able to do it. But my luck had some other plans.I got admission in Dyal Singh College and without taking any coachings attempted the CA entrance exam for the first time, which I didn’t clear. Realisation dawned on me that this is exactly what I wanted to do, all I needed was some guidance.

Today, having cleared my entrance exam in the second attempt, I have stopped going to college, completely devoting myself to my studies. I wake up at 4 to study, attend a 9 hour class, have some rest and study again.

To a guy who used to play all day and study at the end moment, this means alot.

I hope sacrificing some months of my life, burning the midnight oil, I’ll be able to climb up that ladder of success.

I’m following my passion.

-Ashim Nanda




I speak. I write. I travel. I love stage. No, not because it pay me but it give me a chance to connect with  people.  It’s like a first hand knowledge that brings you in front of a new crowd everyday. At times when I just stay back and think, I realise, yes! That’s exactly where I could have been. I said it at one of my speeches and even in one of my write-ups, “Passion is the finest occupation”.
You don’t only earn but you Live. You live for people, your own countrymen and the bloom on face of My People who bestow kind words over me and review my write ups or tell me about my speeches are the reason that give me joy. A satisfaction.
Yes, I love my work. I travel because I write. I write because I speak. I speak because I travel.


– Himanshu Poswal




I am pursuing Bachelor in Architecture from Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar and I have great enthusiasm for travelling. Being an architect fulfils my wanderlust for travelling as every year our college organises trips to various parts of the country. Besides that, there is a mystic place nearby my college,  known as ‘Mcleodganj’. Whenever I am able to find some time from college, I find myself at Mcleodganj the very next day. Even in my professional course there will always be a scope to travel because we have to visit various sites. I find myself at the right place and today I am doing what I love.

– Vikas Taneja



Do Whatever You Want To…

It was my last board exam when I told my parents about my wish to choose photography as a career. I was a non medical student then and was preparing for engineering exams and telling about photography was a big shock to them!!

But my dad said “DO WHATEVER YOU WANT TO”.

And that’s how the journey to my dream started!!

Today, I am studying photography at Symbiosis School of Photography, Pune. 15 lakhs/ 3 years. Not even once my dad said NO.

“365 Days Project” is my latest project that I have started. Everyday I try to make a good picture whether its fashion, product, still life or journalism.

I work with the name *VSnap*. Each day a new picture is posted on web for viewers to like & criticise my work so that I can improve.

I would like to thanks my parents for trusting me and my friends who always appreciated my work because of that appreciation and trust, today I am doing what I love.

– Vaibhav Chakarvarty