Big Bake

I had never been the very studious kind. My strong side had always been my creativity. It was a proud moment when I had baked my first cake. A plain vanilla cake, inspired by my friend. Following my passion for creativity, I found my love in baking and RJ-ing.

My parents were initially not very happy with my boards result. I was dejected, but like they say where there is a will, there is a way. Surprisingly enough I cleared the interview to my random application in News 24. 

My parents were not initially as supportive, but today I’m a proud student of ISOMES- International School of Media and Entertainment Studies. I study in studios, visit new sets, meet some inspiring people who I used to only watch on the television screen. But today, I see myself on the screen, however just as audience. There will come a day when the mike is in my hand. For me now, sky is the limit.

I have mastered red velvet and chocolate oreo cakes, owing to my friends demands :P. Having taken some orders also, I look forward to refining my skills further.

Life really is beautiful when you do what you love. 🙂

Yukti Patney


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