Fall and Rise

To a person who has always taken things light heartedly and casually, hard work doesn’t really come that easy. To a person who has been the laughter element for his peer group, so much seriousness in life is slightly hard to tackle. By the end of 12th, I had no aims. I didn’t know which road to take. Since everyone was doing CA, even I joined in, thinking that I’ll be able to do it. But my luck had some other plans.I got admission in Dyal Singh College and without taking any coachings attempted the CA entrance exam for the first time, which I didn’t clear. Realisation dawned on me that this is exactly what I wanted to do, all I needed was some guidance.

Today, having cleared my entrance exam in the second attempt, I have stopped going to college, completely devoting myself to my studies. I wake up at 4 to study, attend a 9 hour class, have some rest and study again.

To a guy who used to play all day and study at the end moment, this means alot.

I hope sacrificing some months of my life, burning the midnight oil, I’ll be able to climb up that ladder of success.

I’m following my passion.

-Ashim Nanda


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