The warrior

I was diagnosed with Tuberculosis at the age of 4. Due of overdose of medicines, my liver also got affected. However, it doesn’t end here. I failed my class 11th with the science stream due to pancreatitis at the age of 17. Not only did pancreatitis made me flunk a year at school, it also crushed my dream of being a pilot one day as I’d never be able to clear the fitness exam. 

Today, being 20 years of age, I’m doing my first year in Journalism from ISOMES with several students younger to me. All of it was really hard to accept in the first place let alone live with it. However, I’m better off than those people who don’t even have the resources and such a supporting family. I’m fortunate enough to now pursue my second passion in life, i.e, becoming an actor. 

I feel lucky to have survived and now I’m able to pursue my other interests. I’ve no complains, I’m just as normal as any other person.

Amrit Dubey


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