Future inventor

Ever since I understood what hardwork meant all I was ever asked to do was get into engineering and the only way was to be a scholar. Initially, it was because of pressure, but today that pressure has converted into passion. I want to be an inventor. Sounds vague right?Let’s settle with being a scientist. I don’t know how it’s possible but that’s my aim.

Talking of struggle, my identical twin always scores more than me, which does create alot of special pressure called competition. I admit, it has always been an internal thought. Nobody, be it my parents or friends or relatives ever said that to me outrightly, that’s just what I felt at times.  To make things worse, I started comparing myself with him on several ocassions. But that has worked for me positively in a way, I never let those thoughts become bitter. That’s just healthy competition.

My dream is to feature in some of the greatest books one day and deliver expert lectures. I don’t know the right path that’ll lead me there, all I know is that I want to create learned students and influence brilliant minds.

I will. Someday.

Vishesh Khanna


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