Breaking stereotypes

I am currently an English teacher and I am an improvisational comedian.I have done close to 80 shows all over the country.I have also written and conceptualized Bangalore’s first all female comedy show! My partner Sumukhi and I are considered as India’s top 4 comedians who have “attempted” in  engaging in this an art form.(Not like women are not funny,its all about choosing/or not choosing  to succumb, to this stereotype)

Honestly, For me there are two things that are burning an incessant need to push myself to the glorious heights of success!Who doesn’t like the taste of success!

One is my need to break the notion of “being comfortable/safe” and putting myself in spaces that challenge me.I constantly put myself in various platforms that are outside my is only then, that numerous things dawn on me.I realise, what I should do and I am capable of doing.I enjoy the mystery and it makes me stronger.Try doing that with performing on stage.It could be anything. what a blessing it is to perform on stage!

Secondly, is my gender:Female

I see an accepted passivity and a victimization of my gender.I feel at times women do that to themselves .There have been so many instances where I have seen woman acting as agents of patriarchy. So ,lets deal with that before we get to our patriarchal “society”.I agree it’s easier said than done.The caste system and lack of economic platforms have tied our women down.But what do they do about such an imposition? I address this issue by talking about it in my everyday conversations and my comedy sketches,in the form of Satire.It could be as something as breaking the” silence”,we are believed to internalize as women.You don’t have to be harsh or rebel ,talk about it in your way!

This situation I encounter  everyday .It saddens me.Maybe it is this passivity that prompts me to keep working, pushing myself and dreaming of things maybe you and I were told was not possible.

My Journey has just begun and I am enjoying every bit of it!Make yours a memorable one too!

Richa K


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