Transformation for better

There was a time when I was the corner kid of my class. And I used to suffer from regular fits. Some glitch in the brain they said. The medicines made me exceptionally fat. I couldn’t believe myself in the mirror. They cured me.But they pretty much got me out of shape. 

I always had different ideas and weird ambition choices. There was a time when I wanted to be a wrestler. But then I realised that I should get my feet back on the ground. Science sparked my interest and I got inclined towards engineering. However, in class 10th, owing to some criteria issues I was refused to be admitted to the science stream. After much applications and debate, I was finally admitted to the class.

Having completed my schooling in Science, I didn’t score well as I was expected to. It was that moment when I realised that Science was not really my interest but an obsession. Today, I’m a proud BBA student at Surajmal, the best college in IP University. I’m happy and satisfied with what I’m doing.

In three months, I worked really hard in the gym. And today, I stand before the mirror a proud skinny guy. My family and friends can’t believe it, but to me I have found myself back again.

Truly, there is no age to realise your true passion. There is a very thin line between passion and obsession, passion does obsess you but in a good way, whereas obsession posseses you like a trap. I’m glad I made the distinction at the right time.

Shreshth Nanda


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