Exploring Myself

I haven’t come across any other happy-go-lucky and casual guy apart from the reflection I see in the mirror everyday. There was a time in my life when I was new to the city of Hyderabad with a dream of becoming a DJ. As unrealistic as it sounds, music really was my passion. However, somewhere down the lane, it became too far fetched to be pursued. And not being much of a ‘planner’ I didn’t know which path to take.

To my utter surprise, the whole supposed city was preparing for something called the JEE exam and as mind boggling as it may come across as, I did not know what it was. Until then. Then one day, I was told to prepare for the same. And I gave in. Initially, not paying much attention, I thought I will end up someplace anyway. However, gradually I developed my interest in it and burned the midnight oil to make what my father asked me to happen.

Never will I forget the time of my preparation. I won’t exaggerate it but yes, it does take alot of sacrifice and giving up your so called ‘life’ to achieve something like that. Having achieved AIR 261, I still didn’t get the stream of my choice. But, that’s okay.

Today, I’m a second year student of Electrical Engineering at IIT Delhi and still trying to figure out what my passion really is. I may be a scholar but when asked about my passion, I go berserk. But, I know this for sure that whatever I may end up doing, I will relieve my Dad of his responsibilities and make him proud. 

In this journey of figuring out my passion, I hope to explore and know myself much more and come to terms with my most brutally honest self.

Shubham Sikka


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