Future historian

Having always been a History fan, I had never before thought of taking it up as a career. Sounds weird? Not to me, not anymore. It made me realise that science was not my thing.

The thing that I really like about studying this subject is that it let’s me dream and imagine the world in my own manner, because here are as many histories as there are historians. When I took it up, a lot of people told me that I can take civil services and be awesome but I don’t want to be that awesome. I dream of getting my hands dirty and chiseling something out of the soil and make a story out of that object which may help others in revealing something about the people in the past.

I hate it when people say that what will you do with studying history . Just because it’s not something lucrative doesn’t make it less valuable for the people.I am so glad that my parents let me pursue whatever I wan to study.

Sometimes I also have my moments of doubt, actually I always have them these days. But I am trying to pull myself together and do something amazing. Because I really really want to do this . I don’t know what will happen in the future, but studying history really did open  up my mind to bigger and better things and now I know that I can never be satisfied in doing a desk job for the IAS.

Pooja Moitra


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