Shutterbug-ish lawyer

To a person who lives life very casually and happily, capturing it is just as enjoyable. As you must have guessed by now, my passion is photography. However, I share a keen interest in law as well. Ever since I watched Suits, I always wanted to become a lawyer. Random reason, but enough to drive me make any ends meet to be able to pursue it.

Having given the entrance exam for Law, I was pretty dicey about the results. Thankfully, IP University results were in my favour. However, the last counselling dates did stress me out a bit. Now being a proud Law student, I use my extra time to click as much as I can.

I love going to picturesque places and clicking. And ofcourse, I’m the favourite friend of many, no actually my camera is :P!. 

To give wings to my passion, I along with a fellow schoolmate created a facebook page called “Elements” to showcase my talent. Furthermore, I wish to polish this skill of mine. 

I’m willing to give all it takes to achieve these two beloved dreams of mine. Being a successful lawyer and an amazing photographer. There’s no stopping to the learning process.

Mehul Gupta


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