The transitional journey

Universe lies in the minds of those, who think beyond infinity and one need not be Einstein to standout the world but needs to listen to the heart carefully. That’s exactly what I learnt in these three days.

#DoWhatYouLove says Human Circle and makes you believe in it. The three stupendous days of Young India Challenge actually challenged my mind and questioned me, “Am I really doing what I love?”, “Do I even know what I love?” and the answers were close enough to “No”.

The session took off and we started interacting with other delegates. My strings of imperfection lured to be perfect seeing immense talent in the crowd and that’s when I found a void in me which had to be filled with something worthy. Objective of Day 1 of the conference was to interrogate ourselves with the above questions and let our mind absorb the concept of ‘#DoWhatYouLove’, followed by incredible speaker sessions on Day 2. Brilliant personalities illuminated our minds with their ‘Do What You Love’ stories. It was amazing to find that every person standing on the podium was as ordinary and confused as us. Their struggle was similar to ours but they found their passion or at least found what they did not love and they had courage to follow their heart and that makes all the difference.

The final day brought us one literal challenge which tested our various skills involved in entrepreneurship. Teams had to put their final word in front of the jury and thereby deciding the ultimate winning team. Day 3 came to the dawn with an interactive session with renowned figures narrating their journey and guiding us with our dreams.

These days were the most impactful days of my life. If these three days can make me review my decision of pursuing CA and MBA made three years ago, then it truly had something which was potential enough to bring change in the society. Thank you Human Circle for happening in my life!

– Ishani palandurkar


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