Love the river burbling down the mountain? Or the fresh waves of ocean dampening the innocent sand? Or see the sun struggling to lighten the grass from the locks of pine? Well this earth will always astonish you with its different episodes. The more you travel, the more you explore. The more you explore, the more you add to your lifestory.

But ever wondered that may be inking your experience would deepen your memories and beautify the face of it.  You can add more to the passion of travelling by expressing your encounter with different people and places. Nothing can create better stories than the experiences themselves. The only basic thing you’ll require is grammar, that’s all.

“Fill the paper with breathings of your heart”, said William Wordsworth, abide to it and let your experience bleed.


  • Start small. Don’t plan a trip entirely to write about it, may be you’ll not enjoy it. Try and write about a trip with your parents or friends of your childhood and see how beautifully you can redefine the experience.
  • No limitations. Travel writing not only means writing about the new places but you can share your encounter of custom and culture prevailing it that place. History and culture clarifies the notion of that place.
  • Enjoy. Don’t spoil your trip in order to find things that you’d add to your write up. Enjoy the journey and observe every detail of it. Explore the surroundings and learn.
  • Be honest. Never try to sugar coat your story. Keep it simple even when you intend to explain it. Simplicity is the ultimate beauty.
  • Acknowledge the journey. Though the idea of your destination might be exciting but make sure you don’t miss the beautiful journey. You experience and learn a lot on your way. Not only it will make your story more clear,it would beautify the entire concept of travelling to that place.

Being a travel writer might sound vague in this world with virtual cage, but if you have a passion for either of them you can easily try your hands at the other. As I said, nothing makes a story better than the experience itself and travelling and writing serves the purpose aptly. Go ahead and #DoWhatYouLove!


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