The world had never developed in the past century, the way it had developed in the past decade. As the minds have gone creative, new trends have popped up and gladly accepted. One such trend is of social entreprenuership. It is a unique way of making profits as well as serving, sustaining and saving the society.

Across the globe, many groups and individuals have taken the initiative in various social issues and are finding solutions in entrepreneurial way. In India, we have some famous entrepreneurs whose idea of conjoining the profits and societal developments have served just right!

Here are few amazing examples-

Ela Bhatt founded SEWA (Self Employed Women Association) in 1972, the first and the largest trade union for women which works for the betterment of unrecorded women workers.

Ms. Jeroo Billmoria, professor at TISS, who founded Childline India which is now a national level emergency helpline for children.

Bharti Airtel also makes into social entrepreneurship as it is the first telecom company to provide technology and handsets to farmers so that they can get necessary information related to crop, weather and chemicals over the phone.

One can be a social entrepreneur keeping these few points in mind-

  1. Know your cause: Be clear with what social issue you want to associate yourself and draw an outline how will you work it out.
  2. Start small: Even if your dreams are big, start small. Make contacts, accumulate fund, work with like minded people and then try and grow, gradually.
  3. Never deviate: As your work would pick up, you might get better financial results and start makig profit but remember along with an entrepreneur, you are a social activist. Don’t deviate from your mission.
  4. Combine: To support your social cause, you can start a sustainable business which can be just like any other business. You can use the profits and contacts to benefit your former business. Adopt CSR for your latter business as well.

Let the world grow with you 🙂 !

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