We all talk about people who pursue their dream, highly qualified and educated and well off. But what if you are not privileged, are you not supposed to happy? People with strong heart and will find their way to happiness no matter what. We had a conversation with a lady, Sunita (name changed), who works as a sales woman for an orphanage. She walks miles to sell the small and regular products made by the children at the orphanage, yet she doesn’t mind walking in boiling suns for hours and selling goods of worth Rs 40-50. It has been 30 years since she is doing this job and has no complaints from it.

“I was an orphan too. I was raised among other children and people who say we don’t have families, they are wrong, rather we have bigger ones. When I was small I too made small goods like ‘batti’, toys, etc. and when I grew up I took the task of selling these from house to house. It’s been nearly 30 years since I’m doing this job. I really appreciate the way kids make it and all the other ladies try their level best to sell it. Not only I have affection for this place but also I am proud that though we are “family less” and merely literate but at least we don’t beg.

Now I have got a small room on rent, where I live with other ladies. I’m not married but I’m happy. This place has given a lot to me and doing anything for it makes me more than happy.”

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