At times, we struggle hard to get what we want. Sometimes it is easy and sometimes is difficult, so much that you face obstacles one after another. When you finally think of giving up, something pushes you to the end and you reach the shore. Similar is the story of Aayushi Saxena, a psychology student, who had a tough time of two years which finally came to an end. Needless to say, constant support from her parents wouldn’t have made it possible


“My family wanted me to do law and even I was kinda okay with it. But when I finally reached Nirma, Ahmedabad, I realised this isn’t my thing. I used to go reckless and left it in a week. My family thought that I was homesick but I wasn’t. I came back home (Bhopal) and pursued psychology.

It was hard. Withdrawing admission from Nirma, losing money and getting admission in the middle of the session. My recklessness didn’t end with my choice of subject. I had always dreamed of a life in Mumbai. I always felt that I belong there and so we started with our another struggle, getting there. My dad is a government officer, he tried his level best to get his transfer to Mumbai but thousand hurdles came and there came a time that I had made my mind to complete my graduation in Bhopal and then go to Mumbai. And suddenly, one day we get this news that he got transfer! I can’t describe how happy I was that I got what I had been cribbing for. Not only this, with my dad’s support I got admission in the final year of a renowned college there.

People might call me selfish for I had caused too much trouble for my parents but I know how hard it was for me to live like that. Two years of torment and then Psychology and Mumbai, I can’t ask for more. And I would be more than grateful to my parents who took all the unnecessary pain because of me.”

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