What if Steve Jobs would never have come back to Apple? What if he didn’t start Pixar? He was asked to leave Apple for good by the board of directors while he co founded Apple! He could have simply listened to that and never show up. Now had this been the case, would the world of Mac be what it is now?The difference here made was that he listened to himself, he accepted the failure and took the leap.


Believe it or not, 99.9% times we live our life according to others, sometimes its 100%. It may sound easy to live our life on our own terms but it is not. Be brave and #DoWhatYouLove, this is why-

Another Life?-You don’t know if you would reincarnate. So don’t waste this life thinking that you might have chance to lead your own way in next birth, as if its just in another 10 years!

Uniqueness – We all are unique, in every damn way. Why not maintain that uniqueness? God has blessed us with unique and brilliant minds, we must use it to make something extraordinary of our lives, and may it be big or small. Taking others’ opinions is no uniqueness.

No Sharing – You might get advises from tones of people but believe me consequences will only born by YOU! No one can ever experience what you will experience, good or bad. So when its all about you then why shouldn’t it be all from you?

Independence – “Freedom is when you get to make your own choices.” Life may pose many critical situations where decision making becomes difficult. It is not bad to seek opinions but form one of yours too and make sure that at the end, its your say. Once you take the leap, you will enjoy that feeling of self confidence. 

Because It’s Your Life! – See, understanding the fact that you should live your life your way shouldn’t be that tough because no matter what, at the end it is your life. You are the Karta and you are the receiver so why not be the decision maker as well. Build the road you want to travel.


Start living your life from today. These small tips might help you see the difference-

  • Learn what you like and how to take things.
  • Take small decisions and implement and see how things work.
  • Don’t ignore advises but don’t let them rule you.
  • Plan little things for your future your way.
  • Accept the existence of risk and failure.
  • Be creative 😀


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