We all face failures at some point but only few of us don’t make a big deal of it and make something big OUT of the situation. Many times, we listen to others and pick things because everyone is dong it. That’s when things go wrong because you step into the wrong shoe. Never mind, a right decision can be taken at any point of time. Here is the story of Soumya Chourasia, who had little trouble with her career but soon she balanced herself on the right road without much hustle.


“I was pursuing CA, I tried to clear intermediate but it didn’t go well for a couple of years. Frankly, I was tired of studying the same thing again and failing. Soon after, I decided to give up on it and try something different. Now I’m preparing for MBA and I’m much relaxed than before. Gladly, I’m enjoying what I’m studying and obviously hopeful for a brighter future.

I really don’t think it is a good idea to linger upon a thing for long given that it is not benefiting you. Just step out and you might get something of your type which you would love doing. And don’t make a big deal out of it. Be clear and things get simplified.”

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