As kids, we are often indulged in many activities and it is later we discover our passion. That is how Vrinda Rehan had discovered her love for Basketball. After balancing herself between Kathak and Basketball, she chose the latter and performed brilliantly in it. This is what we call true passion.


“My dad and brother are basketball players, so it was obvious for me to start it. But my mother wanted me to learn Kathak. There was a time when I chose Kathak over basketball, and then something or the other would happen and I had to switch back to basketball. It was in 6th grade that I decided to pursue it seriously and in 8th grade, I played my first nationals.

I was so in  love with this game and even my parents were supportive of it that they didn’t care much about my grades. Still I had managed to keep my percentage above 80.

I always wanted to be an architect, but I was poor at maths. So while mom and I were on our way to school for subject selection in 11th grade (for PCM), I told her that I would take commerce and play basketball seriously and get into the college with sports quota, like my brother.

I scored a little less for getting a college in Delhi but I had made my mind earlier that what so ever, I’ll get admission through sports quota only.This is it. Basketball helped me get into one of the finest colleges of Delhi University and now I play for college team.

Till date I have played and won numerous tournaments. This game had not only satisfied my appetite but also helped me make a good career.”

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