“Presently I am pursuing degree of from DTU. It appears boring but it’s not. I love technology, gadgets and love machines over girls. I am indulged in this since my school time. When I was student in 6th standard , I did science projects for my cousin who was at that time in class 10th and it was fun.

At the age when I was reached in 9th standard I made a motor car, motor boat, shaking disc and 3-4 items more. I am too indulge in these things that I don’t care about studies that’s why my science teacher called me duffer with a good brain. I do enjoy, play, hanging out but where ever i go i have a curiosity to get knowledge about how the machine works nearby.

I was not really into studies until my parents made me realize this. And they had been more than supportive. They are from commerce yet they never forced me for the same. They are my key to success.

My journey is not endIt will keep continuing until I will achieve all of my dreams & i have a long list of dreams”

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