There is no right time for your love to call you. It took more than 30 years for Mr. Dinesh Lahotu to realise his passion and from there, there was no looking back.


“I come from North-East India, I was good at studies and made it to IIT-Guwahati. I got a job and after 30 years of work, I realised that I don’t belong here. My passion laid in education system. To enhance creativity and innovation, me along with my five friends had put our different skills together and founded Edugenie in 2013.

Edugenie is a social enterprise that provides innovative hands-on Educational solutions in Maths and Science for educational institutes, government bodies and NGOs. Opposed to ‘One Size Fits All’ education, we provide highly personalized learning and promote discovery-learning against rote-learning”. Programs are a blend of various learning practices- designed to build persona of a child (learner)  and emphasize on curiosity, creativity and critical-thinking. We carry out assessment of students not through written tests, but with board games activities specially designed by our team to capture a complete matrix of individual-skill, teamwork and determination. In all programs, we not only stress on making the subject interesting, we also make sure that it makes a long-term impact on the student.”

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