People often leave their home and loved ones to pursue something they love more.Mr. Pankaj Saboo not only found his passion but also a way by which he can stay closer to his family and friends.


“The real happiness lies when you are with your family, friends and loved ones. It is the absolute source of bliss when you enjoy the best moments of your life with those important people. They may argue or fight with you but they are the ones who will never leave your side. A person’s own family is, without doubt the greatest wealth that we will ever possess.”

I did my schooling from Tinsukia, Assam and before completing graduation I went to Kolkata for earning livelihood. Initially I was working in a company and after gaining experience and money, my partner and I opened a showroom of clothes in Kolkata.

I loved hanging around with friends and many a times would go to a Game parlour in Kolkata but I missed my family there. It was then, when an idea clicked into my mind; I thought of opening a Game parlour in my own state so that he can be with his family and friends. And with this dream in mind and heart, I started to work harder and finally opened the first the Laser Game Parlour named GET  TAGGED in Assam.”

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