At times we do everything to follow our dream and we reach the top too. But critical circumstances stop us to achieve the dreams and when you decide to flow against the flow, that’s what you call true passion. Mr. Ashok Pareek is a teacher and like many other teachers, he is in love with his profession but let us see what tried to hold him back.


“I will not exist in the world if I stop Teaching. Teaching is something which enlightens my soul and calms my mind. Though I am a businessman and an advocate; it is teaching that made me a better person. Every time when I teach a student, I relive my childhood days. Teaching keeps me connected with the young generation and help me in understanding their problems. No matter what happens, have faith in the things that you love to do because those are the things that can keep you happy.

It was after class 12, I realised that I wanted to study a lot and become something like CA, Advocate or Professor but unfortunately my dad got sick and so I had to join his dad’s business. I then studied the Law Course at Now gong College and managed business along with it. But after a certain time I got so frustrated with the business that I joined the court but soon father called me back to the business. There was again a war between studies and business but I didn’t sacrifice my love so I joined a College and started teaching there.

A few years back, I got a major neck injury. Doctors from Apollo Chennai have advised me to stop teaching but I still do it. I can’t imagine my life without it.”

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