It doesn’t take aliens to come and innovate for us. Young minds among us are the future and they are saving us already. Utkarsha Varshney has already started to make the change! This young engineer from Allahbad University is not only doing what she loves but innovating for this entire generation.


“The two years of +2 just had three things in my life: School, coaching and books. But my hard work and sleepless nights paid off and I got selected in first attempt. Since the very first year of engineering, I loved my subjects concerned with generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. With each passing day, my fascination for electrical machines as in transformers and generators started to rise.

I always think why people in developing countries like mine are so deprived of electricity even when the country produces thousands of brilliant electrical engineers every year, with this thought decided to choose the field of renewable energy and to develop solar photovoltaics so that next generation will never be devoid of electricity and its appliances even after extinction of coal and oil.

The first leap towards this dream was my selection for Government of India internship with Ministry of New and Renewable Energy which is Solar Energy hub in the country after my second year in 2013. The next year came with the best gift of my under graduation years with research internship at Australian National University. Fortunately, Australian National University has the best solar energy laboratory in Australia and that was a blessing in disguise for me. My interests and likings for solar energy raised three folds after being involved with the professors there. Further, to implement my knowledge in this domain, I successfully completed my final year project and made a single-axis sun tracker for increasing electricity generation during the entire course of sunlight.

Now, after the completion of my bachelors I am going to pursue my masters from State University of New York at Stony Brook USA and I will pursue my interest in renewable energy even after knowing that international students do not get jobs in US in this domain easily but I will wholeheartedly follow my passion and I hope God will bless me to make my dreams come true.”

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