We all face failures at some point but only few of us don’t make a big deal of it and make something big OUT of the situation. Many times, we listen to others and pick things because everyone is dong it. That’s when things go wrong because you step into the wrong shoe. Never mind, a right decision can be taken at any point of time. Here is the story of Soumya Chourasia, who had little trouble with her career but soon she balanced herself on the right road without much hustle.


“I was pursuing CA, I tried to clear intermediate but it didn’t go well for a couple of years. Frankly, I was tired of studying the same thing again and failing. Soon after, I decided to give up on it and try something different. Now I’m preparing for MBA and I’m much relaxed than before. Gladly, I’m enjoying what I’m studying and obviously hopeful for a brighter future.

I really don’t think it is a good idea to linger upon a thing for long given that it is not benefiting you. Just step out and you might get something of your type which you would love doing. And don’t make a big deal out of it. Be clear and things get simplified.”



What if Steve Jobs would never have come back to Apple? What if he didn’t start Pixar? He was asked to leave Apple for good by the board of directors while he co founded Apple! He could have simply listened to that and never show up. Now had this been the case, would the world of Mac be what it is now?The difference here made was that he listened to himself, he accepted the failure and took the leap.


Believe it or not, 99.9% times we live our life according to others, sometimes its 100%. It may sound easy to live our life on our own terms but it is not. Be brave and #DoWhatYouLove, this is why-

Another Life?-You don’t know if you would reincarnate. So don’t waste this life thinking that you might have chance to lead your own way in next birth, as if its just in another 10 years!

Uniqueness – We all are unique, in every damn way. Why not maintain that uniqueness? God has blessed us with unique and brilliant minds, we must use it to make something extraordinary of our lives, and may it be big or small. Taking others’ opinions is no uniqueness.

No Sharing – You might get advises from tones of people but believe me consequences will only born by YOU! No one can ever experience what you will experience, good or bad. So when its all about you then why shouldn’t it be all from you?

Independence – “Freedom is when you get to make your own choices.” Life may pose many critical situations where decision making becomes difficult. It is not bad to seek opinions but form one of yours too and make sure that at the end, its your say. Once you take the leap, you will enjoy that feeling of self confidence. 

Because It’s Your Life! – See, understanding the fact that you should live your life your way shouldn’t be that tough because no matter what, at the end it is your life. You are the Karta and you are the receiver so why not be the decision maker as well. Build the road you want to travel.


Start living your life from today. These small tips might help you see the difference-

  • Learn what you like and how to take things.
  • Take small decisions and implement and see how things work.
  • Don’t ignore advises but don’t let them rule you.
  • Plan little things for your future your way.
  • Accept the existence of risk and failure.
  • Be creative 😀




At times, we struggle hard to get what we want. Sometimes it is easy and sometimes is difficult, so much that you face obstacles one after another. When you finally think of giving up, something pushes you to the end and you reach the shore. Similar is the story of Aayushi Saxena, a psychology student, who had a tough time of two years which finally came to an end. Needless to say, constant support from her parents wouldn’t have made it possible


“My family wanted me to do law and even I was kinda okay with it. But when I finally reached Nirma, Ahmedabad, I realised this isn’t my thing. I used to go reckless and left it in a week. My family thought that I was homesick but I wasn’t. I came back home (Bhopal) and pursued psychology.

It was hard. Withdrawing admission from Nirma, losing money and getting admission in the middle of the session. My recklessness didn’t end with my choice of subject. I had always dreamed of a life in Mumbai. I always felt that I belong there and so we started with our another struggle, getting there. My dad is a government officer, he tried his level best to get his transfer to Mumbai but thousand hurdles came and there came a time that I had made my mind to complete my graduation in Bhopal and then go to Mumbai. And suddenly, one day we get this news that he got transfer! I can’t describe how happy I was that I got what I had been cribbing for. Not only this, with my dad’s support I got admission in the final year of a renowned college there.

People might call me selfish for I had caused too much trouble for my parents but I know how hard it was for me to live like that. Two years of torment and then Psychology and Mumbai, I can’t ask for more. And I would be more than grateful to my parents who took all the unnecessary pain because of me.”



Sometimes without your knowledge, the Universe plays the cards to make you do what you love when you yourself are unaware of that fact. Something similar happened with Atharv Nandra, who now is a renowned musician.


“I was 6th grade when I had to forcefully join Tabla classes. It was during then I learnt more about beats and music and developed interest. In 8th grade, I started learning guitar and by 11th grade formed a band and became back vocalist. I was awarded as ‘Best Vocalist’ in school and I realised that music has changed my life forever.

When I entered college, I refused to become the lead vocalist of college band but couldn’t refuse it in the 4th time! After my first performance in 2011, my life had completely changed. I used to manage music with college hours (engineering)  by practicing till late night 12-1am, daily. I did approximately 200 gig pans from orphanages to jail and Punjab to Goa.

In 2014, i left the band and started a new & a bigger project with TATVA K and since then I have been writing,composing,singing every track & we have been releasing them with their videos and recently did a TVC as an actor for a corporate company called FLIGHT SHOP. We guys have crossed 3 lac views on youtube on one of our tracks which features JUGGY D ( U.K sensation).. In September, we are doing a 5 city tour with TATVA K & JUGGYD..

The next step is bollywood

For the past 1 year, i have been working everyday & haven’t taken any holiday.. I am working approximately 18-20 hours everyday & sleeping for just 4 hours. we work 7 days a week and have no public holidays n bank holidays..

There is no one in my family from the field of music and everyone initially never supported us.Had to fight a lot of criticism and it took a lot of time to convince my family members and other people..

In the past 5 years, I have lost a lot of relations and people & sacrificed a lot just to follow my dream.There have a lot of sleepless nights and a lot of frustrating, demotivating days, but just never gave up. In my life i never had a PLAN B.. JUST HAD PLAN A & PLAN A+.. In this line, everyday is a battle and you have to fight everyday.. THE DAY YOU STOP, YOU ARE DONE!!”




We all talk about people who pursue their dream, highly qualified and educated and well off. But what if you are not privileged, are you not supposed to happy? People with strong heart and will find their way to happiness no matter what. We had a conversation with a lady, Sunita (name changed), who works as a sales woman for an orphanage. She walks miles to sell the small and regular products made by the children at the orphanage, yet she doesn’t mind walking in boiling suns for hours and selling goods of worth Rs 40-50. It has been 30 years since she is doing this job and has no complaints from it.

“I was an orphan too. I was raised among other children and people who say we don’t have families, they are wrong, rather we have bigger ones. When I was small I too made small goods like ‘batti’, toys, etc. and when I grew up I took the task of selling these from house to house. It’s been nearly 30 years since I’m doing this job. I really appreciate the way kids make it and all the other ladies try their level best to sell it. Not only I have affection for this place but also I am proud that though we are “family less” and merely literate but at least we don’t beg.

Now I have got a small room on rent, where I live with other ladies. I’m not married but I’m happy. This place has given a lot to me and doing anything for it makes me more than happy.”



paper-chain family in cupped hands

Though family business sounds like safer approach for career and securing one self for life time but not so much in this century. For this generation, their family businesses is at least a generation older, ideas are not compatible nor are the views and that is the main reason of decreasing trend of youth to join their family business. Today’s generation is dynamic; they are not easily impressed by the orthodox methods and selective lines of business.

Rather than leaving the family business to extinct, one can take up the role and make it interesting! Yes, use your knowledge and apply in best modern way possible and make it work! You see people these days condemn family businesses but you are very much in a favourable zone if you see things wisely.

See why it is a good idea to be in the business and yet make it happening –

  1. No Risk: You already have a strong financial backup, you need not start from the scratch. It is a built runway, you just need to take off.
  2. Innovate: Since you belong to this generation, you are more creative than your elder members, use your ideas and expand your business in the areas you find are interesting for you.
  3. Networking: Who says that a ‘Sari ki dukan’ cannot be modified into a complete boutique? Use new and old contacts and build more out of it. Expansion is always easier in family business, that’s why your parents wanted you to join in the first place.
  4. Use Online Platform: Believe it or not, nothing is as cheaper and widely reached as internet. It is an easier way of networking and marketing. Be a 5th generation man and utilise the age of technology.
  5. Travel: If you think that family business forbids you to move out from your hometown, then you’re wrong. You can find tons of excuses to travel, not just within city but you can make foreign trips as well. Making business trips and developing contacts worldwide is an accepted business strategy.

By joining the right dots, you can follow your passion this way too!