World often sees at the handicapped people differently. We should, in fact, not because they are disabled but they are rightly called “especially abled”. Not many people make their way to their dreams but those who do in deprived circumstances, are the best people to inspire us.

  1. Sudha Chandran: The actress and Bharatnatyam dancer lost her leg in an accident in 1981. The period was the hardest as it took her the thing which made her do what she loved. Soon she got an artificial leg replaced from Jaipur. After learning to live with that, she became one of the most influential dancers in the world and won many awards thereafter. She had also performed abroad and is invited by many institutes to deliver speech and performances.


  2. Deepa Malik: Due to a spinal tumour, her lower body got paralysed and after 3 surgeries and 183 stitches, she won the fight of her life. And this was the time when her husband was off to Kargil War. The days were not easy but that’s when she got focus in life and made her way to adventure sports. Despite all this, she is a national athelete, swimmer and a biker. She is actively involved with Himalayan Motorsports Association.


  3. Sai Prasad Vishwanathan: Vishwanathan lost sensation in the lower half of his body when he was a kid. Despite that he is graduated from America and learned business at ISB Hyderabad. He cofounded ‘Sahasra’ which inspires people for additional educational skills and life long mentoring. Then he was recruited by Deliotte USA and that is when adventure stepped in. He became India’s first skydiver and got his name registered in the Limca Book of Records for being the first Indian with disability to skydive from 14,000 feet. Seeing that, he got an opportunity to go on Antartica Expedition, making him first disabled Asian to do so.


  4. Arunima Sinha: She was thrown out of a moving train by robbers and lost her leg. She didn’t want to pity herself and took training in Uttarkashi for Mount Everest expedition with an artificial leg. Two years from then, the lady was on Mount Everest. What else do we need to say.


  5. Major Devendar Pal: Despite losing his right leg to a Pakistani mortar during the Kargil War, Pal challenges himself each passing day, making his disability his strength.with an artificial support and his determination, he has become the “Blade runner” of the country. His passion for running has seen him participate in 9 marathons. After he ran three half marathons with a normal walking leg successfully, the army came to his rescue and gave him an Ireland-made prosthesis.


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