The journey of discovering your passion and following doesn’t end the story. Pursuing your dreams isn’t easy, good amount of hard work is involved. Years of practice and patience. One can surely live life of his own given he is patient and give continuous efforts.

Let us find some ways to keep going 😉

  1. Start from somewhere: If you want to be a rock-star, you don’t just approach a sponsor and ask them to promote you. You practice, do smaller shows, practice, write songs, improvise, start gaining fame and then you stand on a taller pedestal. Walking on a different line doesn’t mean you are deviating; you are just taking smaller steps to reach The Point.


  2. Don’t lose hope: Initially you may face a lot of failure and illusion. You might even feel that may be you took the wrong road. But bottom line being, never lose hope. Start fresh and be consistent.


  3. Try and explore: if you want to be a photographer, don’t stop yourself from exploring new fields. It doesn’t mean you are losing focus but making yourself versatile and adding more perceptions to your life.


  4. Take risk: well that’s an inevitable part. You have got to take risks, make uncertain decisions to either learn from the fall or grow from the thrust.


  5. Networking: make as many new and influential friends you can. Not only they can be the reason foryour push, you will get to see their world, learn from their decisions and make your life better.


Try following the above points and see the difference. Life wasn’t meant to be easy. It was meant to adventure, learn and remember.

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