It happens often that we start with something passionately and gradually with time, we lose grip of them. The story is of Abhinav Gupta, who had been a great singer since childhood but lost the touch when personal and professional life became priority. This story will inspire all those people who have forgotten their passion with time. It is never to late to wake up and find happiness in your passion.


“I knew I could sing since early childhood. I used to participate in events in elementary school and was part of winning teams in many local and regional cultural events in which my school used to participate. In college, I was very well known as a good Hindi singer ever since I performed in my fresher’s party.​ Bagged first prizes without fail each time I participated in singing competitions within my college ISM Dhanbad and a second spot in Antragini 2006 at IIT Kanpur.

Then, I moved to US. Conventional life took over. Lost touch with singing for 4-5 years.

But one day I realized how much I am losing by letting my passion die. So, I resolved to #DoWhatILove. I started recording my songs and sending them to friends for feedback.

Created my Facebook page ( on March 2015 which now has 7,600+ likes and going strong. I upload my singing videos weekly on this page.

I am back to life in doing what I do best and hope to set up my recording studio going forward in life.

Hope to make it big. Not for anyone, but for myself.

Secondly, moving to US has infused in me a fire of exploration. Travel is my second passion and I make sure I do not just sit back and waste time on weekends. Want to make the most of it and see the whole world before I perish. “

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