HarVa at Young India Challenge

Ajay Chaturvedi is a young entrepreneur who founded HarVa (means Green in villages)-Harnessing Value. HarVa is an outsourcing organisation employing more than 5000 women of rural areas from Haryana and Rajasthan. Mr. Ajay has been appreciated by the World Economic Forum as Young Global Leader. The man is the author of recent best selling novel – The Lost Wisdom Of Swastik.


At this Young India Challenge, Mr. Ajay speaks about his book and its learning. According to him, the reality keeps changing. The world needs to adapt to changes in order to grow. He explains this concept by quoting two real yet funny examples.-

If you have to go from point A to point B using Google Maps in California, you can but you can’t put the same destination while living in India. Things have to change according to the circumstances and business environment.

Another interesting story is of NASA. Scientists couldn’t innovate after a point because the size of the engine they require can’t be changed because of the size of carriages. Altering its size would result in altering the tracks and tunnels, a huge expense to be incurred by the government. Instead, the other scientist decides to build one such factory nearby which can produce engines of larger size. Did you see the magic here? You change things when environment starts to become an obstruction.


There are many such stories which Mr. Ajay has shared in his book. Being a young innovator, Ajay appreciates innovation and has tried to serve the society in the most innovative way. His initiative HarVa employees thousands of rural women and has made world records.

That happens when passion is blended with innovation. #DoWhatYouLove!

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