Yes, that is the first question we ask you when you hit the auditorium, “Do you do what you love?”

Well the question would seem to be very easy but the answer isn’t. Majority of people don’t do what they love and often wait for the weekends to relax. It is very important to find what you love and if not this at least try and find what you don’t like. At Young India Challenge, you get to identify your inner voice and may be at the end the magic will happen and you will know what you love.

Let’s start this way.

Why are you here? Delegates take all the trouble to travel and experience the movement. Why? Why would anybody take that pain and experience two days event. And when you actually find yourself at this very Young India Challenge, you know the answer already šŸ™‚


Yes, tell us what you love doing? You may not be able to figure it out but do you know how to make this task easy? Experience. Yes, try your hands at every possible thing and get to know what you might end up doing.
If at all you know it already, then my friend, hold it to you. No matter what, keep your strings attached and work towards it. Dreams do come true.


Did you decide how would you take the road towards it? Search and research ways and means what may lead you to your goal. Failures are inevitable and you will face them at some point of time. Never be disappointed by this, rather look for more. Remember fellows, this question actually connects the dots.


That’s what happens here. The challenge is not some case study on which we would judge you. The challenge is to find your passion and convince yourself to pursue it, get paid for it. Believe that your passion can be life. You don’t have to sacrifice it for money.

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