Young India Challenge is never complete without Mr. Anurag Batra, Chairman and Editor in Chief, Business World. His vibrant presence and dynamic personality adds more energy to the event. We always look up to his inspiring story. Apart from constant support to Human Circle, Business World provides amazing opportunity to the delegates to intern with his media house.


He is here with us again for our new version of Young India Challenge at YMCA. His passion for journalism and business has yielded amazing results and thus, given him this career in world of business and media. He is from a middle class family yet his seriousness for entrepreneurship made him acquire Business World sometime back.

His interactive session starts with his favourite question- “What is the similarity between sex and entrepreneurship?”

Answer being, “Many people talk about it, few people do it, a few people do it rightly and handful of people do it for the right reason-Love”

Yes, Mr. Batra is not an old man but an entrepreneur with young heart and enthralling mind. The secret ingredient of success at entrepreneurship is “Use your passion”. You can’t spend your entire life doing something you don’t enjoy. There are two ways to live happily or succeed; either do what you love or use your passion for your job. In both the ways you will enjoy your work. Using your passion will add innovation to your job and make you stand out of the crowd.


What is most interesting about him is the way he carries the session. He does less of lecturing and more of showing delegates the reality. He believes in true stories. The speaker session involves inspirational videos – The last lecture, One pound fish, etc. to name some and some interesting stories from his life and others.

No wonder the man has been mentoring Mr. Kamal Seth, Chief Happiness Officer of Human Circle since the time Human Circle and Young India Challenge started. Human Circle is glad to have him and his presence will keep inspiring the coming delegates.

“I work 8 days a week! And I’m never tired, you know why? Because I literally do what I love”

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