No doubt the world is full of competition and no matter what you love doing you have to be really good at it. Other than believing in the idea you hold, you have to be presentable. What’s the use if you have a great idea but you can’t deliver it properly? The world out there is not clairvoyant, it works on what it sees.

Start with your personality. The way you carry yourself, the thought you hold for yourself, how you greet people, how confident you are and dozens other things. Most important being “Communication Skills”. You wouldn’t want to be a person who just listens and doesn’t get to raise an idea nor who doesn’t listen and often ends up irritating the company.


Personality is something which is build and enhanced over years and not by a day’s practice. But everyday’s practice does matter. Try and bring the changes you want to see. Not only it would grace you as a person and would give you confidence for your passion and the thought of pursuing it as a career.


Life is an unending class where you learn by committing mistakes. Just because you have a passion and you think you are good, don’t quit learning. The more you learn, the more you explore. Learn to grow as a person, learn to improve your work, learn to live life!


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