All teams are ready for this Young India Challenge. One by one they are presenting their best ideas. Teams have been working really hard for five continuous hours and taking notes from their mentors. It is amusing to see the young minds coming up with such innovative ideas which are worth the change.


Some of the awesome ideas are of inventing a inbuilt device to detect alcohol in driver’s breath and raising an alarm and alert to his family; providing A-Z medical services to people at their doorstep; bringing education to rural India in the form of entertainment and many more!


The real excitement lies in networking and getting to know the fabulous speakers. Other than this passionate movement, these amazing speakers are the ones who make Young India Challenge greater. For the night we have Jeroninio Almeida, Seema Bharwani, Anubhav Razdan and Aashish Beergi. Their experience of life, struggle, success and zeal to pursue passion adds so much of value to the purpose. What else can be the best way to motivate people other than the motivating personalities themselves.


After two exciting days, winners are announced and Young India Challenge comes to an end but the secret lies here. YIC is not just about the final challenge. The real challenge is to face your inner voice. Listen to what your heart says. Follow it. Find a passion and hold it. Hold it till you accomplish it and find another one. Yes the challenge is to invest your life in your dreams. The real challenge is to #DoWhatYouLove.


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