Young India Challenge is incomplete without entrepreneur and leadership skills.For the third YIC-YMCA, we have a friend on board whose amazing work on entrepreneurship has helped Human Circle and delegates take Young India Challenge to next level. Inspired by her profound knowledge in business, we have challenged the delegates to design a program or technology which can have privilege of these intellectual properties such as copyrights, patents and trademarks using her guide.


In true sense, the book is a student’s guide to AS Level Business Studies. Vajiranga Amarasinghe’s research on entrepreneurship and business development will help our delegates throughout the challenge. The book overcomes the stereotypes and provides the modernised approach to business. Importance of market research, customer satisfaction, funding and strategy behind potential business ideas are some of the relevant points on entrepreneurship.Given, market is the king, marketing has to be the queen. The author, our friend, has beautifully narrated its importance and tips to get it right.


Though the book is a complete guide to Do’s and Don’ts, still encourages unconventional ideas. This is what this challenge will be all about. Do anything you want, think anything you can, just make it awesome enough to make it unique.

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