Today’s youth is dynamic and is ready to break the bubble of doing the absolute. This is a creative era. They are finding their passion in arts, dance, writing, photography and other creative fields. Problem arises when generations have conflicts. Most of the families around the globe, especially India, is facing this problem. Impact of globalization is so strong that its impossible to remain a cocoon. This is what parents need to learn. Time is changing and this youth is going to become leader of tomorrow. Every person who has made a difference has been able to do it because he was passionate enough.

DSCN7358 DSCN7362

Every Young India Challenge has people who are defying the society to follow their passion. We have delegates who are college dropouts, left their corporate jobs to follow their dreams and school students (surprise!) who don’t want to waste their time struggling like others and are already ready for this conversation.

It is not about rebelling your families but about saving yourself. Society has this perception that if you are happy doing something, you are not doing the right thing. You laboriously work for five days and take off on the rest two. What’s the use if you are spending 70% of your life being unhappy. This had not been the case if you had been pursuing you passion.

Do What You Love and show people the difference it makes. They will come on board, for sure.

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