Nikhil Bhaskar is our first speaker of the day. The man himself is a alumnus of College of Vocational Studies. Nikhil is a consultant with Boston Consulting Group. He is also a management consultant. Along with this, Nikhil is associated with Landmark Education where he coaches people for personal effectiveness.


Nikhil is here to talk about three points which are crucial in anyone’s life-

  1. How do you get what you want in life?
  2. What he did to get what he wanted?
  3. How to go beyond constraints of life?

According to him, one has to be really specific of what one wants. The more clear you are with your goal, the more channelized you would be. Second, never think you are not capable of any thing. Don’t underestimate yourself rather come out of your comfort zone and grow. Everyone is capable of doing anything. Though its not easy, you have to lose your sleep to get what you want. Third, get in touch with things related to your goal. Stay motivated, push yourself and have determination to move beyond to get your goals.


Nikhil believes that there are four pillars which balance the life and contentment-

  1. Integrity – This means having integrity in oneself. One has to honour his words and promises to be a man of his words. Not only it restores faith, also it makes you disciplined which is necessary to make things happen.
  2. Relationship – It is not the conventional relationship but the relation you build with people around. Let those people be contributors in your life. Let them touch you in ways which would guide you and coach you during tough times of your life. Let the relation be strong and powerful so that it makes an impact
  3. Existence – Analyse why you are here. What is the purpose behind your existence? What difference you’d want to make? How this game exits, in what ways and how you are going to play it?
  4. Enrollment– Bring liveliness to your purpose. Enroll people in it and be the phenomena

Such talk with Nikhil has left delegates mesmerised. They are amused by his enlightenment and his efforts to help people.

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