Yatin Thakur is a young entrepreneur, founder of CoWorkin and a speaker at Young India Challenge. The man was clueless about his future at his teenage and it was his hunt for his dream which landed him here. He realised that he was good at helping people set up their businesses and advise them. He found a place which was about to close and used it and its basic furniture to set up CoWorkin – chain of coworking places. He provided people the required resources and advised them for their business plans. After organising and advising companies over years, he realised that this is his dream and he started working towards it.


As a youth, Yatin never enjoyed ques and thus he made his own! Things never worked as per plans for him so he learnt that if you want to do something, just do it. He completed his basic education but kept working upon his ideas. Later he got his hands with Startup Weekend which works on start ups and advise them.

Though journey had not been easy for him, but he believes that looking at the positive in middle of negatives helps one to come out of it. Thus, it was his last message to our delegates – Stay positive.

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