We blame the world for our failures but the biggest reason is ourselves, our thought and fear. Everyday, we must challenge ourselves and find ways to improve. Know what troubles you and how you can overcome it. Find what fascinates you and explore it. Be with people who motivate you and inspire you to move out of your comfort zone. Dare yourself each day and see how well you can live by it.


No magic takes place inside the bubble. It’s only when you break the bubble and fly, you get to see the magic. Every person we talk of today never had a smooth road. Instead of waiting for someone else to do that, do that by yourself. Do you not believe that you can? You sure as hell can do that. Be that famous scientist, entrepreneur, artist or whoever you want to be. Be the first of your own kind. Unlike saying, its not easy. World will oppose you. At times, you will be the only one motivating yourself. But that’s the challenge right? You have chosen to do something unconventional, certainly the ride would be bumpy but make sue you save yourself throughout and reach the destination with pride.


Our delegates are going through the same dilemma. Confused about the choices and worried about how to make it. And that’s why we are here helping them make decisions for themselves and bring the change. This movement of #DoWhatYouLove is just not any other movement. It’s a revolution which will change the world works today and the first step is you. Take the change.


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