YIC’15 – College of Vocational Studies

Yay! Young India Challenge is a year old. Yes, at this time last year, Human Circle launched first Young India Challenge at IIT-Delhi. Today, we celebrate its anniversary by having another Young India Challenge at College of Vocational Studies.

FILE0048 FILE0051


This time the we have a little difference. This time delegates already know what #DoWhatYouLove is. All thanks to #DoWhatYouLove hangouts. Youth is aware of Human Circle’s initiative and is ready to experience the change.

The conversation is all about the conventional way of making a life while passion can yield better results. Most of the crowd lacks on the job skills. Is it not the waste of time and resources? The government already invests in education but don’t students get job or require training to be “employable”. The main reason behind this imbalance is mismatch of education and career. People are not pursuing their passion thus lack skills in their jobs and are certainly unhappy. Everyone is running after engineering and MBA without having valid interest. Some have their ways clear while others just become the part of sheep walk. There is so much of confusion and imbalance that even after pursuing graduation and post graduation, people are not sure what they want to do. It’s okay to have knowledge of different fields but only till the time it is solving the purpose.

Moral of the story being – do what you love and build career around your passion and get paid.

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