Gaurav Kumar, Associate Director and Management Consultant, KPMG is at Young India Challenge – YMCA talking to youth about the basic problems which they face and what actually has to be prioritized._73A7822

The MBA aspirant had scored 99.8 percentile but couldn’t make into any IIM, reason being not able to present himself. Quoting this incident, he tells youth to focus on things which will impact their life and not short term academic career. Nevertheless, the man grew to become such an integral part of one of the Best Four companies.


This amazing orator can relate to youth easily. His personal stories and lessons to live life has moved the crowd. This young man has faced many struggles in his professional life yet he chooses to work 24*7 because he loves what he does. It is his passion which has taken him to this level. Kudos to his spirit!


HarVa at Young India Challenge

Ajay Chaturvedi is a young entrepreneur who founded HarVa (means Green in villages)-Harnessing Value. HarVa is an outsourcing organisation employing more than 5000 women of rural areas from Haryana and Rajasthan. Mr. Ajay has been appreciated by the World Economic Forum as Young Global Leader. The man is the author of recent best selling novel – The Lost Wisdom Of Swastik.


At this Young India Challenge, Mr. Ajay speaks about his book and its learning. According to him, the reality keeps changing. The world needs to adapt to changes in order to grow. He explains this concept by quoting two real yet funny examples.-

If you have to go from point A to point B using Google Maps in California, you can but you can’t put the same destination while living in India. Things have to change according to the circumstances and business environment.

Another interesting story is of NASA. Scientists couldn’t innovate after a point because the size of the engine they require can’t be changed because of the size of carriages. Altering its size would result in altering the tracks and tunnels, a huge expense to be incurred by the government. Instead, the other scientist decides to build one such factory nearby which can produce engines of larger size. Did you see the magic here? You change things when environment starts to become an obstruction.


There are many such stories which Mr. Ajay has shared in his book. Being a young innovator, Ajay appreciates innovation and has tried to serve the society in the most innovative way. His initiative HarVa employees thousands of rural women and has made world records.

That happens when passion is blended with innovation. #DoWhatYouLove!



Young India Challenge is never complete without Mr. Anurag Batra, Chairman and Editor in Chief, Business World. His vibrant presence and dynamic personality adds more energy to the event. We always look up to his inspiring story. Apart from constant support to Human Circle, Business World provides amazing opportunity to the delegates to intern with his media house.


He is here with us again for our new version of Young India Challenge at YMCA. His passion for journalism and business has yielded amazing results and thus, given him this career in world of business and media. He is from a middle class family yet his seriousness for entrepreneurship made him acquire Business World sometime back.

His interactive session starts with his favourite question- “What is the similarity between sex and entrepreneurship?”

Answer being, “Many people talk about it, few people do it, a few people do it rightly and handful of people do it for the right reason-Love”

Yes, Mr. Batra is not an old man but an entrepreneur with young heart and enthralling mind. The secret ingredient of success at entrepreneurship is “Use your passion”. You can’t spend your entire life doing something you don’t enjoy. There are two ways to live happily or succeed; either do what you love or use your passion for your job. In both the ways you will enjoy your work. Using your passion will add innovation to your job and make you stand out of the crowd.


What is most interesting about him is the way he carries the session. He does less of lecturing and more of showing delegates the reality. He believes in true stories. The speaker session involves inspirational videos – The last lecture, One pound fish, etc. to name some and some interesting stories from his life and others.

No wonder the man has been mentoring Mr. Kamal Seth, Chief Happiness Officer of Human Circle since the time Human Circle and Young India Challenge started. Human Circle is glad to have him and his presence will keep inspiring the coming delegates.

“I work 8 days a week! And I’m never tired, you know why? Because I literally do what I love”



No doubt the world is full of competition and no matter what you love doing you have to be really good at it. Other than believing in the idea you hold, you have to be presentable. What’s the use if you have a great idea but you can’t deliver it properly? The world out there is not clairvoyant, it works on what it sees.

Start with your personality. The way you carry yourself, the thought you hold for yourself, how you greet people, how confident you are and dozens other things. Most important being “Communication Skills”. You wouldn’t want to be a person who just listens and doesn’t get to raise an idea nor who doesn’t listen and often ends up irritating the company.


Personality is something which is build and enhanced over years and not by a day’s practice. But everyday’s practice does matter. Try and bring the changes you want to see. Not only it would grace you as a person and would give you confidence for your passion and the thought of pursuing it as a career.


Life is an unending class where you learn by committing mistakes. Just because you have a passion and you think you are good, don’t quit learning. The more you learn, the more you explore. Learn to grow as a person, learn to improve your work, learn to live life!




Have you ever heard the stories of all successful people? May it be Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, both of them and people like them having struggling yet inspiring story. All thanks to their knowledge, will power and passion which drove them to this day.

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 9.52.49 PM

These people have something in common, either they are college dropouts or have been rejected from universities or jobs. No we are not saying that in order to be successful you have to drop your education but let us see if what you are studying is adding any value? If yes, well and good. If not, then may be you should be doing something else. Steve Jobs said that you have limited time and you should make best use of it, don’t waste it on something you don’t want to do.

The other thing they have in common is zeal and passion. They faced many failures yet they were patient enough to wait for the right time. See it needs time and determination.

But why you should be paid for your passion while world is being paid for conventional? The most important thing is idea. Believe in that idea. The world WILL pay you for your passion only when you would believe in that idea. Sell the idea and not the product. Your thoughts are the most powerful tool you have. Don’t lose your zeal, let the fire burn unless your passion becomes your life and you get paid for it!

“Don’t lose faith. Keep looking, don’t settle” – Steve Jobs



Yes, that is the first question we ask you when you hit the auditorium, “Do you do what you love?”

Well the question would seem to be very easy but the answer isn’t. Majority of people don’t do what they love and often wait for the weekends to relax. It is very important to find what you love and if not this at least try and find what you don’t like. At Young India Challenge, you get to identify your inner voice and may be at the end the magic will happen and you will know what you love.

Let’s start this way.

Why are you here? Delegates take all the trouble to travel and experience the movement. Why? Why would anybody take that pain and experience two days event. And when you actually find yourself at this very Young India Challenge, you know the answer already 🙂


Yes, tell us what you love doing? You may not be able to figure it out but do you know how to make this task easy? Experience. Yes, try your hands at every possible thing and get to know what you might end up doing.
If at all you know it already, then my friend, hold it to you. No matter what, keep your strings attached and work towards it. Dreams do come true.


Did you decide how would you take the road towards it? Search and research ways and means what may lead you to your goal. Failures are inevitable and you will face them at some point of time. Never be disappointed by this, rather look for more. Remember fellows, this question actually connects the dots.


That’s what happens here. The challenge is not some case study on which we would judge you. The challenge is to find your passion and convince yourself to pursue it, get paid for it. Believe that your passion can be life. You don’t have to sacrifice it for money.


Young India Challenge 2015! YMCA

Human Circle is back with brand new Young India Challenge, this time in YMCA Auditorium!

The journey starts all over again. Near 100 delegates, awesome speakers and the amazing Happiness Team is back with a bang. This Young India Challenge 2015 starts right here, right now!

Hell Yeah!