Can you believe that a person can dropout three times? Yes, Onkar Khullar did, to “create” something of his life. Because of his inclination towards social work, he created “I Impact India” which looks after the several social communication issues like branding, marketing, etc. This also serves his interest towards providing business solutions and PR crisis.


The man has always been a creator. Even in the “free spaces”, he creates something. At the young age of 24 he has written three books, working on three more and made a painting which has a Limca record. He is a man of experiments. He keeps experimenting with himself and businesses and see how things work out. For instance, he was mute for 72 hours to see how it is like to just visualize and not speak. He keeps on experimenting and that’s the reason that though officially he is just a school graduate, he has made an impact. He has this unique habit of taking notes of everything. It is his extreme observation skills which channelizes him towards what he is looking forward to next.

The concept of “Flow” has worked really well in his life. People say it is difficult to keep work in line but Onkar has always believed that all you need is that start and things eventually start falling into place. At Young India Challenge, he is a mentor guiding our delegates how to create something using focus and flow.

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