Young India Challenge is known for its #DoWhatYouLove conversation. Next best thing it has is The Challenge. Well, it may sound like any other business plan but in reality it is lot more difficult to design and present the idea in five hours. Human Circle sets the teams free to choose and weave an idea of their own with economic, financial and social feasibility. But that’s not all about challenge. It is not easy to present the plan with all aspects of business and leadership in five minutes, challenge gets tougher when you have this time constraint and Q&A round with Jury and audience.


Till now, we have witnessed ideas of all kinds. This time, ideas are popping up on Networking, Culture integration, Talent management and Travelling. It is great to see delegates coming up with innovative plans every time. Reason behind conducting such a challenge is to enhance their leadership skills, entrepreneur skills, management and communication skills. When you are talking about pursuing your passion, some of these soft skills are mandatory to make their own space in their respective industries.

Such challenges give insight of real life situations. It covers all ambit from planning, research, strategy, marketing, customer satisfaction, technological support, etc. The idea behind this exercise to make them implement their creativity and guide notes from mentors in the most innovative way. With each Young India Challenge, the level of this challenge has increased setting higher standards and getting enlightened minds in this human circle.

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