Can You Pause For A Minute In Your Chaotic Life Today? And This Is Why You Should.

“I want to do something that would create an impact in this world. I want to be famous. No, that’s a wrong word. I want to be known for doing something good. Yeah, that’s better.”

When I returned home for my summer break from college, I was truly stunned by the words my fifteen-year-old niece did string together to make an impact on my mind, if not the world.

She wants to see the reason of her existence.


Well, in the deepest corner of your heart, there lies a wish. A wish to be whoever you are. A wish to do whatever you want. A wish to go wherever you desire to. But of course, when is this wish ever fulfilled? When is everything in favour of us? Or rather, when is it that we ever let that cornered voice come to the surface?

We don’t.

We are scared of what might the world think? We are apprehensive of our duties towards our society. We think about the way our friends might look at us if we choose another way. We care too much. Not for others. Instead, we care for the thoughts people bear in their mind about us. We tend to be running in the same direction everyone else is, afraid we might become an outcast if we choose another way. We are in an unrecognisable Anarchy. And even if we do realise it one day, we forget to accept it.

Acceptance, I was told, is the first step to realisation.

Pause.For.A.Minute. Reflect on your life. Think about all the ways that make you happy. Think about all those moments that your heart cherishes the most. Think about all the emotions that went down that memory lane. And then, most importantly, think what you might want to see yourself doing in the coming future. Is it something that society is forcing you to do? Or is it something that speaks out the hidden talent in you?

If it’s the former, you better contemplate over it, mull things over in your mind. Look for all the right reasons to leave it or to choose it. The choice is always in your hands. It really never goes away unless you let it go yourself.

But if by any chance, it’s the latter, you know where you are headed to. That’s your destiny. And if that doesn’t work out, the best part is you won’t regret because you did not allow anyone else to make this decision for you. You will be happy because you enjoyed what you did.

Similarly, even if you are good at something, it doesn’t mean that you love doing it. It simply means that you can do it. All that matters is, what you love doing! If you want to think differently, THINK. If you want to explore all possibilities, EXPLORE. If you want silence to be your partner, STAY SILENT. If you want to raise your voice over an issue, SPEAK OUT. It is simply your sole decision. Don’t let anyone ruin your choices for you. They are the only things you will always have control over.

Let life roll out its way for you. But remember, the decision is always yours, which way to take.

Author – Hashmat Naiyareen (Young India Challenge participant)

You can apply for Young India Challenge here


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