The Final Year Fear!

manasi blog pic

The scary study table!

This time summer vacations are not the same. It seems more like a preparation leave than holiday. The scorching heat of Lucknow and my entrance exam books. Oh yes! These are the holidays before the beginning of my final year of graduation.

Everything seems different this time. I was not feeling any sort of pressure unlike my 10th and 12th standards. That fear of board exams was inculcated in our minds by everyone around us. I still remember the reaction of my neighbour when I passed my 9th class exams:

“You have had enough of fun. Now it’s time to study. You have your BOARD EXAMS this year.”

The pressure felt the same even after two years. This time, it increased. All thanks to the  various entrance exams where I had to compete with my batchmates and my colony mates! I always had a constant fear in my mind that I won’t be able to clear any exams and would end up embarrassing my mother.

And then Delhi University happened! My mother was happy. At that time that was the only thing that mattered. But the place changed my life forever.  It has taught me so much in just two years. Some has rightly said that staying away from your parents automatically turns you into someone mature and sensible.

This time the feeling is different. This time, I am happy and content. I am not feeling any sort of pressure on my mind. I guess I know why. Because this time, I am doing it for myself.

YES.This time it is not for my parents, siblings,  teachers,  neighbours or to defeat any Sharma ji ka beta! This time i am doing it for myself.Doing something I love!

A two day conference and it has changed me to the core. The Young India Challenge inspired me to #DoWhatYouLove . I am enjoying it for the first time. I am feeling enthusiastic and full of energy. The dreams are the same. The entrance exam is the same. But the feeling is different.

These two years have taught me one lesson very well. You cannot satisfy everyone. The best you can do is to make yourself happy. As Piyush Mishra says:

“Karna hai toh kuchh apni khushi ke liye karo. Duniya toh bhagwaan se bhi dukhi hai.”

So this time, cheers to life. Cheers to the final year. I hope that the year is full of joy and love and success for everyone facing this fear.

Aur, jaane se pehle:

Stay happy. People will come and go. All what will stay with you in your success and hardwork. Work hard. Become successful. Live life to the fullest. 🙂

Author – Manasi Tripathi (Young India Challenge participant)

You can read more here –

You can apply for Young India Challenge #DoWhatYouLove here

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