Shattered hopes, hopeless sighs,
Blurred visions, teary eyes,
Unchangeable decisions,
Promised lies..
This is how I think my life would pass by.
Hardly do I live, I am spending my life more
I devalue all the prior efforts and struggles I bore,
Breathing seems to be a task of life..
With everything falling apart and nothing alright.
Even writing this holds no meaning any further,
For contemplating my life, is all that i seem to have mastered.
Procrastination has become the solo drive in life,
Delaying it further or simply doing it, remains a strife.
My mere existence has become a question somehow,
Shall I live this hopeless but that too, how?
World roams around the interrogation family of “wh” words..
Giving away all the precious days uselessly holds no worth..
I might just conclude with no positive results,
’Cause I can’t answer you the questions, which even for me, go unanswered.


Author: A blog by Bhavya Arora. Bhavya is a psychology student who holds keen interest in interacting with people as much as she can. She communicates through her words,write-ups and actions. Her love for the virtue of love defines her the most. She holds a passion for living life, a life lived to spread happiness. She is a member of the ‘Happiness Team’ of Human Circle.


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