If F.R.I.E.N.D.S can do what they love, so can you!!!


So I spent my summer binge watching the ever so popular sitcom FRIENDS. As I drew near the end of the show, it stuck me hard. All the characters were shown happy and satisfied in their lives, because they ended up doing what they loved or being with the people that they loved..

Chandler is shown to be a ‘transponster’ and it is only towards the end that he really realises that he could do so much better if he were to write! A total switch of careers to do what he loved, was indeed inspiring!

As for Monica, she loved to cook and clean. And no matter how obsessive she turned about her cleaning, she never gave up. She would clean and clean and clean. To such an extent, that she couldn’t sleep imagining Ross’s girlfriend’s house (The one with the rat). Monica personified the quote, “passion is such that it doesn’t let you sleep at night.” As for cooking, she never gave up! Even when she had to cook with ‘mocklates’! :p

Rachel, is shown to be a rich spoilt girl who loves clothes. Even to an extent, that when she runs from her own altar, the analogy of explaining her life to her dad is through a shoe and a hat! I would love to bring your attention towards the gleam in her eyes when she was offered a job in Paris and how nothing else mattered. That my friends, is the light of passion!

As for Phoebe, she loved giving. I perceive her as a very compassionate and kind person. In my opinion, being happy and spreading happiness was what she loved. Be it for the old lady’s spirit that entered her body or her stepbrother Frank, she could go way beyond her horizons to spread happiness!

Coming to Joey, he is a cute heart! No matter how adorable was he as an actor, I thoroughly enjoyed his ‘smell the fart’ acting! And his fake laugh practice at Central Perk.. And his tweezer in the pocket to get you cry stunt!! The fact that he loved acting and no matter what anybody told him, or whatever reviews were published for his acting in the newspapers, he continued with it. He kept going, because that made him happy!!!! He is a true legend to prove that real happiness lies in doing what you love! And you should not stop, print what they may!

Last but not the least, the person who ABSOLUTELY loved what he did, Ross. His spirit to work was indeed commendable! His love for dinosaurs and his passion for science, not just made him utterly annoying to his friends, but also a great palaeontologist!! The effort and time invested to be the best, becomes so easier when you pursue your passion. Even if it lies in dinosaurs.

The above article could and would have been a proof enough that I purely loved the show! Not only were the characters hilarious, but also a true inspiration! So I urge each fanatic to #DoWhatYouLove today!! If F.R.I.E.N.D.S can do what they love, so can YOU!

Author: A blog by Bhavya Arora. Bhavya is a psychology student who holds keen interest in interacting with people as much as she can. She communicates through her words,write-ups and actions. Her love for the virtue of love defines her the most. She holds a passion for living life, a life lived to spread happiness. She is a member of the ‘Happiness Team’ of Human Circle.

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