What do you want to be?


What do you want to be? Or What will you do when you grow up? I was asked this question multiple times as a kid. But as I grew up the question changed, right after the 10th standard, the question transformed into, “Which stream do you want to take: Science or Commerce?”(no offence to Arts ;\ )

As I grew older and changed physically, emotionally, mentally and psychologically, the question grew too. It grew more intense and thought provoking. It grew into, which college you want to attend? And in final year of college I have to choose from the few jobs, I was eligible to take. At last, settling in life sort of puts an end to the process of choosing.

Some motivational speakers say if you want to be successful in life: be like a child. From being a child they mean to embrace the qualities of a kid. One of the qualities that kids possess is that they do what they love! Whether its crying like hell or beating the shit out of each other. They don’t put much effort in thinking before doing. But as we grow old, all we do is, ‘think’. Our own needs imprison us and we can’t do anything. Existential questions like What’s my purpose in life? become merely a part of a discussion or discourse. And then we go back to that tedious job to manage our ‘needs’.

Every individual is different and each one has their unique talents and interests. But in the worldly ‘rat race’, people often ignore the fact that they can really achieve much more by doing what they love. Some argue that they don’t know what they love to do. For them I have this Steve Job’s quote:

steve jobs quote

Author: A blog by Tarun Gupta. Tarun is an engineering student from IIT Delhi who wants to explore the world and never wants to settle.Meeting new people, sharing new ideas and solving problems that really matter and to which he himself can relate with, is what drives him in life. He firmly believes in #DoWhatYouLove and spreading it in any way possible. He is a member of the ‘Happiness Team’ of Human Circle.

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