A tribute to NATURE.

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Picture Credits: Divyansh Madaan, Happiness team member, Human Circle

While the entire world celebrated April 22, 2016 as the Earth Day, I wondered what the point of celebration was? The planet that has given us so much has been put to trash for money. I would love to quote Mahatma Gandhi’s words, “There is always enough for everyone’s need, but never enough for anyone’s greed.”
Back in time, our ancestors would use each resource mindfully, making sure they are leaving enough of everything for the coming seven generations. It aches my heart to claim, that today’s generation doesn’t even think about tomorrow let alone, for the coming generations. And then the gen Y would say, YOLO. I do agree that you only live once, but so do others.

To our future generations, for their only chance at living, all we would have to say, would be a SORRY. It pains me to realise that our actions aim at earning more money, who itself, have a lot of leaves printed on it. The pace at we are cutting trees, polluting the oceans, destroying the planet, I don’t think there would be any place for our future generations to even exist. The blog shall not talk about the various ways in which we are ruining human habitat, but, shall talk for you to introspect.
A great sage says, an error doesn’t turn into a mistake if it’s corrected. And guess what? Each one of us knows how to correct and cut the damage being caused to our only habitat. What are we doing with it though? Nothing, I believe. The planet, on this earth day doesn’t require fancy quotations or celebrations. The planet, requires CHANGE. And trust me when I say this, if we all join hands, we can redirect destruction. The first and foremost change is to be brought in our perception of ‘progress’. We are treading on paths of self destruction which in no means suggest, development. While there are many other things that we need reformation in, the one on priority should be our choices that we make towards our environment.
I shall conclude this with a very beautiful quote by an American rapper, Richard Williams,

“We must globally warm our hearts to change the climate of our souls,

And realise that we are not apart from nature,

We are a part of nature,

And to betray nature is to betray us,

To save nature is to save us.

Because whatever you are fighting for,

Racism, poverty, feminism, gay rights or any type of equality,

It won’t matter in the least

Because if we don’t work together to save the environment,

We will all be EQUALLY EXTINCT.”


Author: A blog by Bhavya Arora. Bhavya is a psychology student who holds keen interest in interacting with people as much as she can. She communicates through her words,write-ups and actions. Her love for the virtue of love defines her the most. She holds a passion for living life, a life lived to spread happiness.

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