All you need is 20 seconds of insane courage..!

The lines, “All you need is 20 seconds of insane courage, 20 seconds of embarrassing bravery and I promise you something great will come out of it.” by Benjamin Mee, in the movie ‘We Bought a Zoo’ had me captivated for a while. It was only when I was contemplating my life, that I realized what it truly meant. While I was busy contemplating my existence and its very purpose, something in me asked me to get up, pick a diary and a pen, and write! The idea seemed insane to me as I had never really wanted to express myself through my writing, but those few seconds of (different) contemplations led me to where I am, writing a blog today!

Post 3

It surprises me to look back and wonder, how just 20 seconds of insanity has shaped my life. Today, I can stand right here, dealing with all that life offers me with utmost honesty, without a pinch of stress. You know why? Because, now I have my only stress buster working for me. I have a pen and a paper to vent out each of my worries and it never seems a trouble to write anymore, because it’s what I love to do and I am doing that. As mentioned about the#DoWhatYouLove mantra in the previous blog, it seems to me that to do what you love,you require the realization of your most loved work. Once you acknowledge your ‘beloved’ work, then, spare yourself 20 seconds of insanity and wohoo! You are on a roadway to doing what you love which is a roller coaster journey that only takes you up, my friend! Cheesy? Well, love and cheesy go hand in hand, ha-ha.

As insane as it may sound, but I urge each one of you to add 20 seconds of insanity to your schedule every day and explore your potentials. Psychology says that there definitely lies latent potentials in us, which if explored, could turn into our most adored assets! I urge each one of you to go head over heels for your passion. Find your love in doing something that even if you were asked to do 24*7* for the rest of your lives, you wouldn’t get tired of. Find the insanest possibility out there, which doesn’t seem practical at all, but, once you invest 20 seconds of insane courage into doing what you love, you shall achieve heights. I urge you to take the road not taken, to go beyond whatever stops you and holds you back. I urge you to live your life by doing what doesn’t seem a tiresome job to you. With the hope of the#DoWhatYouLove cupid to hit the entire humanity soon, I sign off for tonight. Forget not, just 20 seconds!

Author: A blog by Bhavya Arora. Bhavya is a psychology student who holds keen interest in interacting with people as much as she can. She communicates through her words,write-ups and actions. Her love for the virtue of love defines her the most. She holds a passion for living life, a life lived to spread happiness.

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