Going beyond

Let’s go beyond what holds us back,
Let’s go beyond the definitions of the society,

Let’s topple over gender, let’s break free of the restrictions,

Let’s look beyond the horizons, Let’s jump over the oceans

Let us let love be our guide,

Let’s walk barefoot and raw on the roads of passion,

Let’s let our work be our divine offering,

to our hearts and souls and in turn to the Universe,

Let’s choose to be a gift to the world,

Let’s promise to nurture ourselves

Let’s choose to do what we love,

Let’s grow in the shade of contentment

Let’s pave a new way for morrow

Let’s not fear today or tomorrow,

Let’s pledge to grow as we go,

Let’s pledge to Go..
Beyond what stops us from being ourselves,

Beyond what seems a distress,

Beyond what shadows my rise,

Beyond the societal ‘nice’
Beyond where the horizons meet,

Beyond to the place,

where I can discover ‘ME’.

Post 2
For there lies fire and bliss in you! Explore.

Author: A blog by Bhavya Arora. Bhavya is a psychology student who holds keen interest in interacting with people as much as she can. She communicates through her words,write-ups and actions. Her love for the virtue of love defines her the most. She holds a passion for living life, a life lived to spread happiness.

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