All set for the Young India Challenge!!

So the happiness team is all set waiting for the delegates! Young India Challenge, yet again, awaits a learning through passion experience for all its delegates!


We are overwhelmed here as the delegates have already started flowing in! Mentors, learning and an eye opening #DoWhatYouLove time awaits you at SRCC.

It’s the second Young India Challenge out of the six, being hosted at SRCC! Seems like neither the place nor the YIC wants to lose the bond!! We open the ‘gates to transformation’ for you! Two days filled with friendship, networking and eye opening with the top 10% delegates from all across the country!!!

So come on, buck up delegates! We are waiting! The biggest, best and the most amazing Young India Challenge awaits you!! Hell yeahhhhhh!!!!

250 delegates selected from 2000+ applications from 20+cities > 20 speakers and mentors > 30 Happiness Team Members > 1 CHALLENGE!

Warm regards

Happiness Team

#Live #SRCC #YoungIndiaChallenge


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